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The number of contemporary painters which relate to my course content is massive.  This is a by no means comprehensive list of artist webpages I visit frequently.  On the whole they do represent a general overview of what I really love about painting today. I will add to it as I get information on new webpages of interest.

Contemporary Painters

Michael Ananian

Martha Armstrong

Kate Baird

Harvey Bayliss

Ruth Bernard

Mark Brosseau

Cecily Brown

Jason Buening

Howard Buchwald

Charles Cajori

Susanna Coffey

John Dubrow

Kathleen Dugan

Albert Kresch

Todd Kelly

Henry Finkelstein

Robert Franca

Maureen Gallace

Marvin Gates

Glenn Goldberg

Barbara Grossman

Julian Hatton

Nathaniel Hester

Dan Hernandez

Bill Jensen

Elisa Jensen

Deborah Kahn

Heidi Leitzke

Stanley Lewis

Tai Lipan

Paul Manlove

Matthew Mann

Jesse McCloskey

Raoul Middleman

Ruth Miller

Trent Miller

Maureen Mullarkey

George Nick

Graham Nickson

Sarah Noble

Thomas Nozkowski

Chuck O'Conner

Pat Passlof

Stephanie Pierce

Victor Pesce

Erin Raedeke

Carol Robb

Deborah Rosenthal

Ophrah Shemesh

Elena Sisto

Kim Sloan

Don Southard

Kyle Staver

Kamilla Talbot

Kimberly Trowbridge

David Van de Riet

John Walker

Susan Jane Walp

Gina Werfel

Bill White

Watie White

Post '50s Painters

Leland Bell

Robert D'Arista

Robert De Niro Sr.

Andrew Forge

John Heliker

Hans Hoffman

Earl Kirkam

Mercedes Matter

Louisa Matthiasdottir

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Zuexis (group)

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