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These gallery links are primarily intended as a "painting friendly" resource, initially intended for student reference or the painter trying to find their place amidst the art world milieu, and to combat false and/or short sighted stereotypes of what contemporary art is... by the way, if you think you know what contemporary art is you probably are not really paying attention to it, or you are letting someone else do the looking for you.  ...are you letting me do the looking for you?!?    

Each gallery represents at least a few contemporary artists with work that I deem "painting-friendly."  This is hard evidence of the viability of painting on the gallery level (a type of evidence that painting itself doesn't really need, but some of us humans do).  I hope it serves as an encouragement to painters interested in art's more timeless wholistic qualities (the timeless is always of this time).  

Some may see my list as too broad, some might see it as too narrow...  All these galleries show at least a few artists each that I think are pretty good or at least interesting... some of the artists in these galleries fall pretty flat to me (commercial viability seems to have nothing to do with artistic viability). 

If my list seems lacking in any way, I highly encourage you to make your own list and post it on the internet (this comment is not meant to be mean spirited)... or you could check out the other gallery hubs I have listed (these people have way more time on their hands - as evidenced by their more internet friendly operations).  Enjoy!

Jay's Gallery Selection

55 Mercer Gallery, NY

303 Gallery

Alexandre Gallery, NY

Alpha Gallery, Boston

Ameringer McEnry Yohe, NY

Babcock Galleries, NY

Betty Cuningham Gallery, Chelsea NY

Blue Mountain Gallery, Chelsea NY

Bowery Gallery, Chelsea NY

Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia

Cheim & Reid, Chelsea NY

Crown Point Press, San Francisco

David Findlay Jr, NY

David Klein Gallery, Birmingham MI

DC Moore Gallery, NY

Elizabeth Harris Gallery, Chelsea NY

First Street Gallery, Chelsea NY

Fredericks & Freiser Gallery, Chelsea NY

Gagosian Gallery

George Billis, Chelsea NY and LA

Gross McCleaf, Philadelphia

HS Howard Scott Gallery

Kehler Liddel Gallery, New Haven

Lohin Geduld, Chelsea NY

Lori Bookstein Fine Art, NY

Marlborough Gallery, Chelsea NY

Nabi Gallery, Chelsea NY

Neilsen Gallery, Boston

Oxbow Gallery, Northampton MA

The Pace Gallery, NY

The Painting Center, Chelsea NY

Plane Space Gallery, NY

Paul Thiebaud Gallery, NY & SF

Prince Street Gallery, Chelsea NY

Robert Steele Gallery, NY

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

Tibor de Nagy, NY

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