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I highly recommend intensive summer studio/learning programs as a way to supplement the more broken up nature of studio experience in a college arts curriculum.  These are also great places to interact with students and teachers from all over the world, and thereby extend the breadth of ones education.  If you have any questions about them feel free to ask.

Some of these programs transfer college credit.  Contact the summer programs you are interested in and your home college advisor, to see if tuition money spent at these programs can be applied toward credit at your home college.

Chautauqua School of Art

I had some of my best education experiences here.  Stanley Lewis teaches here!
Lots of course options.  Great mix of students and instructors from all over the world.  Helps give a broader perspective than single college experience.  Very competitive...  recommended for juniors, seniors, and grad students.  Don't be surprised, or frustrated, if you have to apply two or three summers in a row before admittance.   The wonderful experience of making art all day every day for eight weeks, in a community that is incredibly supportive, is fantastic!

The International School of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture

This program has a very well established reputation.  The best teachers in the world come through this place on a regular basis... plus it's in Italy... ITALY

New York Studio School

I learned an incredible amount about drawing, painting, and visual thinking at this place.  They really take a blue collar approach to art making, which emphasizes hands on thinking and discipline.  The intensity of concentration fosters an ability to see and use the language that is so concise, that it is similar to a foreign language immersion program.  

New York Studio Program

This place is not affiliated with New York Studio School, in case you are confused...  I wasn't too sure about this place until I heard Glenn Goldberg was teaching here.  I had Glenn as a professor at American  Univ. in grad school... his impact on me was VERY positive.  Plus it is located in DUMBO, which could be interesting.

Ox-Bow Summer School of Art

This place is affiliated with The Chicago Art Institute.  Lots of course offerings.  Lots of interesting instructors.  I never went but some friends of mine loved it!

Rome Summer Art Program

I learned a lot from Carole Robb personally as a student of hers at Chautauqua.  She knows Rome and Italy really well which benefits students greatly.  I've sent three students to this program so far, and they all came back with glowing reviews of Carole and the overall experience itself.

SACI Florence

A Highlight of this program is its location... which offers excellent travel convenience to explore Italy.  From what I can tell its more of an Italy experience, than an intense studio experience... but it still seems good.

Tyler School of Art Summer Painting Intensive/Summer Sculpture Intensive

This summer program is new... but it does look interesting. 

Vermont Studio Center

This is not a school.  So don't go unless you can be very self directed.  Suggested for Graduating Seniors, or Juniors who are awesome and have already been to one of the other summer programs.  Lots of great artists among the residents, in addition to studio critiques by a couple visiting artists... more like a grad school situation.

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