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Auerbach "Working After the Masters" Part 1

Auerbach "Working After the Masters" Part 2

Auerbach "Working After the Masters" Part 3

Auerbach "Working After the Masters" Part 4

Brice Marden, PBS Interview

Abstract Art Online


Peter Doig Interview

Lucien Freud Interview by Jake Auerbach

Vasari Library - Lectures Given at the International School and Writings:

David Hockey Optics criticism, and opinion links

Howard Hodgkin 1/6

Howard Hodgkin 2/6

Howard Hodgkin 3/6

Howard Hodgkin 4/6

Howard Hodgkin 5/6

Howard Hodgkin 6/6


Antonio Lopez Garcia, "Dream of Light" (Quince Tree of the Sun)

"Philip Guston in his Own Words"

BOMB archive audio interviews

George Tooker

Jake Berthot

Lois Dodd

"The Perceiving Brain" with Charlie Rose


"Slaughterhouse" by Jed Perl

Jerry Saltz article archive

Dana Schutz Lecture at BU

"The Mona Lisa Curse" by Robert Hughes

"ART THOUHGTZ: Damien Hurst" by Comedian Hennessy Youngman

American Visions

"On Matisse and Likeness" by Andrew Forge

Agnes Martin Interview

Mercedese Matter Drawing Catalog PDF

Thomas Nozkowski

Thomas Nozkowski on a Hike

"Painting from Nature" by Lennart Anderson

"Abstraction Then and Now" by Deborah Rosenthal (article on the Morgan Beatus Manuscript)

Rackstraw Downes Audio Interview

Trevor Winkfield

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