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Hi, I haven't been able to edit this webpage for a while due to a glitch with the amazon.com links...
Also the books and resources on this page do not necessarily reflect my own personal views or opinions.  Although, I have enjoyed them all.

This book list is compiled because of requests from students for books I bring or refer to in class. An effort has been made to choose books which relate closely to course content. So that, should a student wish to continue to pursue study on their own, they will have some initial guidance as to relevant resources.  I realize this may be an overwhelming list for some students... some books are more essential "must haves" and others are more difficult or specialized reading.  However I have found that some students have specific interrests which relate right away to more difficult reading.  Feel free to email me for individualized recommendations philodendra@hotmail.com

You may purchase these books new or used by clicking the links on this page, but don't forget to check www.abebooks.com for used book options.  Also don't forget to check the library at   http://www.ycp.edu/library/ (York College), http://www.pcad.edu/Library/index.html (Pennsylvania College of Art and Design) http://www.wcu.edu/library/ (for WCU), or http://www.hollins.edu/academics/library/libtoc.htm (for Hollins), http://library.anderson.edu/uhtbin/cgisirsi/VvpJR13kSG/SIRSI/162120014/60/502/X (for Anderson Univ.)

Picture Books

Isabelle Cachin  More Info

The Art of Romare Bearden:
Ruth E. Fine  More Info

Enlightening Remarks on Painting by Shih-T'Ao (Pacific Asia Museum Monographs)
Richard E. Strassberg  More Info

the following text has a far superior, but less comprehensive translation of Shih T'ao

Chinese masters of the 17th century;
Victoria Contag  More Info

The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer  More Info

The Complete Engravings, Etchings and Drypoints of Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer  More Info

Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Prints and Drawings
Nadine Orenstein  More Info

Eighteen Hundred Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and His S
T. Bewick  More Info

Mysterious Fayum Portraits
Euphrosyne Doxiadis  More Info

Alberto Giacometti
Herbert Matter  More Info

Complete Mondrian
Marty Bax  More Info

David Bomberg
Richard Cork  More Info

Frank Auerbach
Robert Hughes  More Info

Los Caprichos
Francisco Goya  More Info

Disasters of War (Dover Books on Fine Art)
Francisco Goya  More Info

Willem de Kooning: Tracing the Figure
Cornelia H. Butler  More Info

Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective of Drawings
Janie C. Lee  More Info

Arshile Gorky: The Breakthrough Years
Dore Ashton  More Info

Hans Hofmann
Karen Wilkin  More Info

Fernand Leger
Fernand Leger  More Info

Changing rhythms: Works by Leland Bell, 1950s-1991
Leland Bell  More Info

Louisa Matthiasdottir
Jed Perl  More Info

With apparent ease-- Henri Matisse: Paintings from 1935-1939
Lydia Delectorskaya  More Info

Matisse : A Retrospective (R)
JACK FLAM  More Info

A Spanish Apocalypse: The Morgan Beatus Manuscript
John Williams  More Info

Giorgio Morandi: Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings, Etchings
Giorgio Morandi  More Info

The Russian Icon: From Its Origin to the Sixteenth Century
Viktor Nikitich Lazarev  More Info

The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt : Reproduced in Original Size
Rembrandt  More Info

Drawings of Rembrandt, Vol. 1
Rembrandt  More Info

Drawings of Rembrandt, Vol. 2
Rembrandt  More Info

Theory and Criticism

Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book by Artists and Critics (California Studies in the History of Art)
Herschel B. Chipp  More Info

Search for the Real Other Essays
Hans Hofmann  More Info

Matisse on Art (Documents of Twentieth-Century Art)
Henri Matisse  More Info

Paul Cezanne, Letters
Paul Cezanne  More Info

Pedagogical Sketchbook
Paul Klee  More Info

Concerning the Spiritual in Art
Wassily Kandinsky  More Info

If the above text interrests you, I highly recommend reading this article: Donald Kuspit, Reconsidering The Spiritual in Art (Art Criticism, vol. 17, no.2, pg. 55-69)

The New Art--The New Life: The Collected Writings of Piet Mondrian
Piet Mondrian  More Info

This essay is included in the above book on Mondrian's writings... at least read this one.

Natural Reality and Abstract Reality: An Essay in Trialogue Form/1919-1920
Piet Mondrian  More Info

The Artist's Reality : Philosophies of Art
Mark Rothko  More Info

Art in Its Own Terms: Selected Criticism
Fairfield Porter  More Info

Writers on Artists
Daniel Halpern  More Info

Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings (California Studies in the History of Art ; 35)
Kristine Stiles  More Info

Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye
Rudolf Arnheim  More Info

Visual Thinking
Rudolf Arnheim  More Info

Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things
G.A. Kubler  More Info

Art and Discontent: Theory at the Millennium
Thomas McEvilley  More Info

The Poetics of Space
Gaston Bachelard  More Info

The New Brain : How the Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind
Richard Restak  More Info

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
Neil Postman  More Info

Technopoly : The Surrender of Culture to Technology

Suspensions of Perception: Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture (October Books)
Jonathan Crary  More Info

Art's Prospect : The Challenge of Tradition in an Age of Celebrity
Roger Kimball  More Info

Biography and Videos/DVDs

A Giacometti Portrait
James Lord  More Info

Cezanne Biography
John Rewald  More Info

Looking at Giacometti
David Sylvester  More Info

Giacometti : A Biography
James Lord  More Info

De Kooning : An American Master

Arshile Gorky : His Life and Work
Hayden Herrera  More Info

Frida : A Biography of Frida Kahlo
Hayden Herrera  More Info


Marcel Duchamp: The Bachelor Stripped Bare: A Biography
Alice Goldfarb Marquis  More Info

Night Studio: A Memoir of Philip Guston
Musa Mayer  More Info

The Unknown Matisse: A Life of Henri Matisse, Volume 1: The Early Years, 1869-1908
Hilary Spurling  More Info

Matisse the Master : A Life of Henri Matisse: The Conquest of Colour: 1909-1954


Alberto Giacometti
Facets Video  More Info

Andrei Rublev - Criterion Collection
Criterion Collection  More Info

Hans Hofmann - Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist
Home Vision Entertainment  More Info

Painter's Painting
Mystic Fire  More Info

Painter's Painting is difficult to find but appears to be available at: http://www.filmswelike.com/pages/dvdswelike_dantonio.html

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